Hiring a VA means you can scale your business quickly, easily and cost effectively. Sound like music to your ears? Fantastic! The full-time offshore staff report directly to you every business day and follow your business hours. They’re basically an overseas extension of your local team!

You get to define the standards of how they work as well as the systems and processes they follow. You also have direct access to them via phone, email and instant messaging. Think of them as the Angels to your Charlie!

To get started, just give us a job description and we’ll either hire from our existing talent or start the recruitment process based on your requirements. We handle the recruitment, background checks, testing and shortlisting. All you need to do is kick up your feet, pop open a cold one and choose who you’d like to interview. We’ll even arrange it via video!

Usually, the recruitment process is about 7-14 days. However, it can sometimes be a little longer depending on the qualifications or experience level you need, our current pool of candidates, and how quickly we receive information from you. We are sure you’ll agree that sometimes it takes a bit longer to find the perfect fit. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Lucky you! Yes they do. If you already have an IT / VOIP system in place to install for your VA, well then great! If not, we can set up a softphone dialler system which includes unlimited calls to Australia from a local number as part of the package.
Overtime? What overtime? Just kidding! We understand that sometimes work gets too busy and you need another extra pair of hands to help. So, if you need your VA to work more than the usual just communicate that to them and us and we can make that happen – easy peasy!
If fixed pay rates are your best friend, then lucky you! Move the mouse off that close button my friend because there is good news. We have a fixed amount that we charge every month which covers all the sick days, leave days and party days (just kidding! – they pay us for their party days!) so there won’t be any sneaky bills popping up in your inbox halfway through the month!
Everyone loves holidays. You do, we do, our VAs do! Thankfully, the offshore staff will only get paid holidays off during Philippine public holidays and are more than happy to accommodate you and your business during Australian public holidays. This will all be discussed and agreed upon before the start of the VA’s service provision, subject to your discretion.
As required by the law of this beautiful country, Australian-registered businesses will have an additional 10% GST on their billing invoice.


Unlike every other Tom, Dick and Harry you might hire, your VA will be provided with 10 days to encompass sick and annual leave every year.
Ah, yes. The question on everyone’s lips. During the first 2 days of each month, you’ll get an invoice indicating the amount to be prepaid for that month. Settlement of the invoice should be within 3 days after receipt. All prepaid hours from the previous month that were unused will be reflected and credited to your next month’s bill. So, no need to wonder if you can cover unused hours by shipping your car out to them to be washed!
Based in Australia? Just send through your payment via a bank transfer to our Australian bank account! If you’re more on the international side, then you better put Paypal in your favourites folder! All clients, regardless of the payment method used, receive an invoice from us to display due amounts for the month and credit notes of unused hours if there are any.


No lock-in contracts – here we go sounding like a gym advertisement again! You’ll have to confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions, but there won’t be any sketchy dude asking you to sign on the dotted line with suspiciously red ink, and you are allowed to end the service with a 30-day notice. VAs, on the other hand, will be asked to sign a contract with us so they can perform the role they are hired for.
We’ll handle the HR and payroll management, and you have control over everything else! Just so long as it’s consistent with the initial agreements such as job description, work details, and work hours.
Data leaks can be pretty scary in this day and age, just ask Mark Zuckerberg. But rest assured that every VA who comes on-board signs a contract that includes a confidentiality clause. If you feel you need a separate NDA from the regular contract the VA signs, you can always send us a copy of your NDA for our legal team’s review and approval to be signed later on by your VA.
Unfortunately, we currently offer VAs on a full-time (40hrs/week) long-term basis only. A long-lasting relationship is what we’re really trying to foster between you and your VA. You need someone you can trust! An effective way for us to do that is by getting loyalty and dedication through the provision of job security.


Outside of a Rocky training montage, we don’t directly train your VA for you. However, we’ll find you candidates that have suitable previous experience in the area you require. The Client Relations Manager will train your VA during the client onboarding process, so they’ll have a basic understanding of what to expect. The rest is up to you! All relationships are different, and every business has different processes, so you’ll need to spend time training them at first, especially on the specific policies and procedures of your business. So, best dust off those boxing gloves and camera!

Just like mustard and mayo, you and your VA might not work well together. It happens! We get it, you need to find your tomato sauce. What’s important is there is a clear process to follow if things don’t work out. We follow and handle this for you in accordance with local laws, so you don’t need to be burdened by bleak HR issues.

When you start with a new VA, they’re on a 6-month probationary period. If at any time during this period you’re not happy and wish to change to a new person, we’ll take care of that for you with no additional charge. If you have difficulties after the probation period, the Client Relations Manager will work to have the VA brought up to speed. That sounds a little bit like we’re in the mafia. We’re most definitely not affiliated with the mafia.

Absolutely! They’re our favourite part of the year. Evaluations are made at the end of the probation period. This is to make sure dedicated staff members are still handling the original role they were hired to do, and to see if there is a case to discuss appraisal-related pay for outstanding performance. Who doesn’t love a bonus?
We get it. Sometimes these VAs can seem like superheroes of the office. How else are you meant to show your gratitude? You can increase your VA’s rate at any point during the engagement, though it’s usually done after the probation period or annually.
A dead zone can be a real drag, which is why we always recommend our VAs to have a back-up internet connection they can rely on, or at least have a second work location for business continuity purposes. Your VA will be instructed to notify your Client Relations Manager as soon as an internet connection failure occurs so you can be notified.
That’s up to you! Of course, you can’t really send them to pick up your dry cleaning, but anything from general administrative tasks, to highly technical digital marketing or programming responsibilities are a walk in the park for your VA. This is where the importance of the discovery call comes in – it helps us assess the type of support you really need and the skills your ideal VA should possess.


Like we talked about earlier, VAs get 10 days annual and sick leave. Outside of that, it’s your prerogative whether you want to give your VA leave credits. If your VA has done a bang-up job, as we’re sure they will, you could provide this benefit after a performance appraisal as an acknowledgement of their outstanding performance.